A Custom Metal Sign Offers High Impact for Your Investment

Custom metal signs aren’t impacted by the passage of time or changes in trends. It’s a business investment that’s timeless. It can be customized any way you can imagine and makes an enduring investment for your business, both inside the office or lobby and outside, gracing the entrance to your building, or marking your parking area.

Custom Metal Signs and Logos

Characteristics of a High Impact Metal Sign

Signage is essential for any business, as it’s principally a form of marketing. Signs are one of the first things that people see and should be informative as well as attractive. A custom metal sign should clearly communicate what your business is all about. For outside signs, font sizes should be kept simple and large enough so that they’re readable from a distance. Short, catchy messages are also wonderful for attracting attention and color is always a key consideration. A custom metal sign can be any color you choose.

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Choices are Endless

Quality Custom Metal Business Signs and LogosSolid metal signs are favored by large corporations, but smaller companies can get the look of solid metal at a more budget-friendly price. Some options include:

  • Fabricated Metals Solid metals are cut into thin strips and soldered together to offer a look with more depth. This technique uses less metal, so it’s more economical and lighter than a solid metal sign.
  • Alternative Backing – This process is comparable to our fabricated metals process, as we use thin sheets of metal, but the metal strips are laminated, rather than soldered to an acrylic or PVC backing. This gives the sign a wholly metal exterior. Alternately, the entire sign can be created out of acrylic or PVC materials and painted with metallic paint.
  • Foam – This is a relatively new material that allows us to fabricate custom signs that are dimensional but lightweight. Your lettering or logo is carved and sculpted into the foam and painted with the custom colors of your choice.

An Investment in the Future

Custom metal signs are still one of the best tools available for attracting new customers. In a world of cell phones and computers, signage remains a highly effective way for businesses to attract new customers and communicate their services.

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A custom metal sign, with its laser cut letters and your logo, is an attractive reflection of what your company is all about and makes a timeless investment that will give your business the professional look it deserves for many years to come.