Quality Custom Metal Business Signs and Logos


The Rich Look of Solid Metal, at a Practical Price

When your image needs the high-quality look of solid metal, but your budget demands a practical alternative, it's time to consider a logo or sign product made from Metal Logos' Electroplated Aluminum. You can achieve the solid metal look in a variety of finishes, and your logo or sign product will be made to the same exacting specifications that Metal logos gives to all of our work.


Sometimes called "Channel Lettering," Metal Logos Fabricated sign products are so much more! We can render complex logo styles or add dimension to demanding applications.

It's an architect's dream! Metal Logos consistently outperforms the competition when it comes to fit, finish, and design accuracy of Fabricated sign products.


Get the flexibility and rigidity that your installation demands with a Flat-Cut Metal sign product from Metal Logos. Great for demanding exterior applications, and available in just about any size, Flat-Cut Metal sign products from Metal Logos will give you accurate reproduction in any application.

The Look of Metal, at a Surprisingly Affordable Price

Metal Laminate is a great alternative for anyone looking to create a true metal look without investing in a solid metal sign product. Great for indoor sign applications, metal laminates also afford you endless design opportunities, so they're perfect for office wall logos.


A versatile and efficient sign alternative, PVC sign products from Metal Logos give you a wide range of design alternatives. Perfect for demanding budgets! PVC is a durable material well-suited for countless styles, and it's great for complex logos. Also available as an engraved material.