Custom Metal Office Signs

Business signs make a lasting first impression. Whether outdoors announcing the location of your business or indoors welcoming guests to your lobby or reception area, first impressions are everything; so signs that make an impression are your first choice. Envision your logo, your lettering, your symbol in elegant metal; envision your customers, clients and visitors forming their first impression of the quality and stability metal affords.

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Types of signs our customers have had made-to-order

  • Logos and lettering for lobbies and reception desks (The name of a law firm, for example)
  • Logos and lettering for outdoor entrances (For uses from home office to warehouse)
  • Exterior signs and monuments (at driving entrances to your property and parking area)
  • Office specialty business signs (for example, a mission statement on metal feels like the business foundation it is)
  • Directories for lobbies (with floors, office numbers, tenant information)
  • Plaques (for example, “Our Founder”; a picture and biography on graceful metal honors your business heritage)
  • Door signs (such as nameplates, restroom designations, directions, even whimsical designs). Your décor coordinates with the metal material options you have.
  • ADA signs (restrooms for the disabled, signage for the sight-impaired; we know and understand the government guidelines)
  • The list is endless. See our website for photos of the thousands of different business signs satisfied customers have had custom-created.

You’ve seen gorgeous metal signs gracing larger firms, and may think they are out of the reach of your firm. In reality, you have five different manufacturing techniques that give you price options without sacrificing sophistication.

First, consider the metal you prefer:

  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Corten (a rusted-steel look)

Here are the five manufacturing options to fit your budget

  1. Fabricated or soldered business signs are designed to impress. Here’s how it is fabricated for you: thin strips of metal are layered, soldered and welded together. The result is a light metal sign that looks rich and substantial. Even outdoor fabricated and soldered signs have long life. For example, brass is treated to resist tarnish or color change for seven years.
  2. Solid metal is your Cadillac option. The metal is cut to exact specifications, custom-finished for interior or exterior use. A clear coat, paint, electroplating or anodizing is utilized to ensure beauty and brawn.
  3. Fabulous, fiscally conservative business signs use metal with a select backing of either acrylic or PVC. Thin, genuine metal sheets are cut to design then laminated onto the front of your sign. Because it is still real metal, you get the same look and feel at a fraction of the weight. These manufacturing styles provide the pricing options you need without sacrificing magnificence.
  4. Acrylic also bonds exceptionally well with metallic paint, enabling a truly affordable option for metal business signs. With clear acrylic, you also have the option of having the paint applied to the back, leaving the facing glossy. Paint is a preference when your logo or décor call for colors.
  5. Foam is the latest innovation in material. The foam gives exceptional depth to your sign, and is even more economical that plastic or acrylic. Another plus: sign foam can be carved and sculpted for any logo and lettering as well as painted any color.

Hand crafted and home grown

Your sign will be cut and assembled by professional craftspeople who take pride in their hand-made products. You are doing business with a home-grown Midwestern company with thirty-five years of experience.

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